Chemin de Fer Touristique du Vermandois
Chemin de Fer Touristique du Vermandois - Saint-Quentin - Aisne - France

Saint-Quentin - Aisne - France

The origins of the CFTV
Article mis en ligne le 19 février 2009
dernière modification le 19 octobre 2009

In 1976 a group of railway enthusiasts based in Picardy set about the task of preserving some of France’s standard gauge railway heritage - and so the CFTV was born !

After many trials and tribulations the group succeeded in starting a railcar service in 1979 then, with the assistance of a number of people with the relevant experience, in 1981 started running steam trains on the Saint Quentin to Origny Sainte Benoite line.

Recognition of the group’s enthusiasm and expertise led to the locomotive 140C314 being placed in its care. This locomotive, together with a rake of "Express Nord" coaches allowed the group also to operate steam specials over various of SNCF lines.

The CFTV has recently been entrusted with the custody of the mixed traffic locomotive 230G352 which is presently in store.